oriental window watch :-)

It´s cold like ice and windy outside...colour therapy needed? Come with me and take a look....

..into my cozy studio and watch my favourite oriental style for the christmas season :-) like a sneak peak in a little bedouin tent made from fantastic batik patterned western sahara fabric...hot pink, saffron yellow and sparkling turqouise with a hint of gold against the grey and dark shades everywhere outside....:-)
...little oriental style gift ideas...soft mohair and silk shawls, treasures from silk with sparkling embroidery and luxurious jewellery...

...hot cardamom scented tea anyone? ...the cute little teapot djellabah is watching you ;-)

...relax with golden sequined moroccan Babouches between cozy pillows in bright colours...enjoy your weekend :-)


  1. Renate14.12.08

    Your shop looks so lovely... The colours are fabulous!

  2. this looks really lovely petra, nice work!