kitchen magic :-)

..it´s nighttime...I think we still have the full moon? It´s not that I can´t sleep, I am always sleeping very well..I am still listening fine gnaoua-fusion music at maroczik.com....some of the songs are very relaxing :-) ...and watching from time to time two very oriental full moons in our kitchen....
..the little cute metal lanterns spotted magic oriental patterns allover the kitchen walls...

...so I successfully done a little update tonight at my website, wrote a funny story in german about our last visit in Marrakech a few weeks ago and added some new pictures...I promise, if you watching those little lanterns (found in Marrakech) at nightime in your kitchen and listening gnawa music....you´ll get in the mood to write funny stories at the end....:-)
good night :-)


  1. Anonym13.12.08

    wow, fabulous lamps!

  2. These are wonderful lamps; such an ambiance they create.

  3. is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood