ranipink goes morocco...

... and went last weekend to a secret place...somewhere in the palm grove of Marrakech...pssst!

...carried bags with beautiful pieces of jewellery and clothes.... and a pink pincushion with lots of needles and pins....visited a lovely lady and brought to her some nice clothes to try it on :-)...and made some nice plan for 2009....:-)
P.S.: the 10 cute Djellabah friends found a new home, too....3 of them are listening Gnaoua music whilest surfing on the waves in the windy city of Essaouira...and 7 of them are relaxing under some palm trees somewhere in Marrakech :-)

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  1. A ha....I know exactly where some of them are relaxing but it's under olive trees not palm trees:)

    Love to you, Petra!