oriental bread inspiration :-)

....fresh bread anyone?
...whilest we went out for some olive, garlic and spice shopping in the souk of Essaouira, this very friendly man offered me the most delicious, fresh homemade bread.

I am still fascinated by the colour scheme of this traditional moroccan bread (chobz) ...the colour scheme goes from ivory, cream, champagne, beige, taupe, cinnamon into clove and chocolate brown...this is so nice just for watching it...I imagined watching myself sewing double layered cream and champagne silk skirts decorated with some traditional moroccan lace and cute little buttons....and glassbead embroidery....isn´t this magic?

... just by some fresh bread, spicy olives and sipping fresh, aromatic mint tea....and enjoy your day :-)...ahhh and for my opinion... all the copycats should may be once take a walk through a moroccan market..and will find there so much inspiration for themselves, so they have no longer to "copycat".....!!

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