Essaouira house secret :-)

...a little house tower like a little kasbah with a great sea view, a hidden garden behind a blue, blue painted door....no windows...is there living anybody inside, probably the cats of Essaouira?

...every time I passed by, questions over questions to ask for....thousand an one thoughts are going through my mind....
I can imagine me in a little cute studio, colourful fabrics, old beads and my sewing machine in there.....sewing some nice caftans and hooded djellabahs.....listening to the waves and the sea gull...take a deep breath of the salted air....may a cute little cat visit me from time to time...the wind take from time to time some fine Gnaoua music sound to my ears....
...may I could plant a nice palm tree in the secret garden behind the blue, blue door like this huge one??... and a few little mint plants for fresh moroccan mint tea at any time I wish to drink....a lemon and orange tree....a blue, blue tiled fountain...the blue(s) is still with me....
May the blue, blue door will open itself at the next time I will passing by and let me know more about the little house secret in my beloved blue and white city of Essaouira :-)


  1. You have such a beautiful blog filled with many pretty photos and interesting stories. Can you tell me why we always see blue doors in photos of morrocco?

  2. Thanks very much for your lovely comment :-) This is a very good and interesting question, I think the blue came to morocco with the trade and the caravans a few centuries ago and became a very popular colour like in other parts of the world :-) I will ask a friend in Essaouira about the blue there when I am going in january back for a visit :-)