two weddings....

for the boys:
5 silk ties,
4 little pocket squares

for the girls:
1 cream and champagne bridal gown with heavy embroidery,
1 little green silk pompadour bag with crystal embroidery,

1 aqua blue skirt with crystal embroidery,
1 eggplant belt with crystal embroidery,
1 red vintage brocade belt,
1 turquoise silk robe with indian style embroidery,
1 long silk skirt,
1 silk halterneck with embroidery,
1 espresso brown bolero jacket,
1 espresso brown silk skirt,
1 espresso brown vintage silk halterneck,
1 kashmir pink silk coat,
1 little cute vintage silk clutch,
2 japanese style silk belts,
1 red silk bag,
1 cream metallic linnen bag with embroidery,
2 silk book cover,

...don´t forget the handmade jewellery....

8 pairs of crystal earrings,
6 crystal necklace,
3 wirework bracelets,
some crystal hairpins......

more than 100 hours of work....every single item handmade with love...we are still working, everything has to be finished until this Tuesday evening......
more pictures coming soon :-)

need some sleep, good night :-)

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  1. Hello there,

    What a lovely blog ! Congrats and best wishes on the impending wedding.

    Thats a gorgeous wedding gown .
    & Love that ikat fabric , where is it from? Would love it as a sari.