hamam favourites....

Two days ago opened a new, big shopping mall with lots of premium shops in Hannover. I visited this mall after work with my husband, Esra, Holly and her husband...and found beautiful oriental inspired towels from the German company moeve in bright turquoise and delicate chocolate brown.

moeve opened a shop in the Ernst-August-Galerie, too and they offer a huge range of high quality bath products like towels, bath robes and bath accessoires made in Germany.

The towels are from the very nice Alhambra collection, available with different patterns also in bright redish orange with safran yellow, inspired by the Alhambra on the Granada island.

my hamam favourites are also the mint and the rosemary soaps from zenza, found at Looms in Hannover, oriental body milk, orange flower scented found in Marrakech and a some precious ottoman inspired jewellery handmade by sultanissima, and ranipink ;-) moroccan inspired jewellery....

don´t forget my georgeous vintage copper hamam bowl from Istanbul, Esra found for me last year in the Grand Bazar.......she´s actually on the way to Istanbul, looking for fresh ideas and findings for our next projects coming soon....:-)

P.S.: looks like I am still in the sahara blue(s) with my favourite colours this autumn/winter ;-) ;-)


  1. That towel is totally amazing!

    PS I got your email but deleted it some how by accident:-( I can't wait to talk about your ideas in November!

  2. Living in hannover I visited the new mall today as well, also visited the Möve-Shop and now in the evening I just read your post. Funny! Let me say You arranged these really beautiful towels much more attractive than they did in the Möve store: The fragrance of the soap, the twinkling necklaces, the old surface of the bowl. Very nice mixture. Did you ever read an interview with Wolfgang Joop about the importance of textures in his Wunderkind-collection? I think you would agree to his opinion.

  3. Anonym19.10.08

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful find. But now I have a problem.
    I need those towels! They are sooo fabulous! They would go perfectly with the new bathroom I'm planning...
    I was really pleased to see that the online store delivers abroad, only to discover that they don't have this collection in the online store :-(((
    Guess that means a shopping trip to Germany will be coming up soon... ;-)

  4. Hello :-)
    what kind of colour and how much towels do you need? May I can send you some??
    Please e-mail me if you are interested: ranipink(at)hotmail.de
    warm wishes
    Petra :-)