the visitor :-)

a little cute visitor walked through some beads and sequins today....

...whilest I´ve done some embroidery work....

...the cute little ladybug became a great explorer at the scissor....:-)

...this is the finished vintage silk brocade belt and the cute bag for one of my customers....

..where is the ladybug gone??...would I meet this cute friend tomorrow again??


  1. How lovely to get a little visitor while you were working :) Your embroidery looks so intricate, you must be really patient :)

  2. Petra, I read you comment on Maryam's blog today and want to tell you how I agree with all you wrote. Acts of kindness such as yours do not erase the wrongs of the world but they do make a difference, one person at a time. For most of us who have little political power this is what you can do, help where we can and vote in hope for braver and better leaders.
    (your blog looks lovely)