ranipink at night :-)

...want watching my new decorated studio window this night? :-)

I just finished today this light indigo blue silk coat project, in between all the custom made orders I do from time to time some another projects to refill my studio...:-)

...take a look at sultanissima´s beautiful vintage amber necklace with antique silver tassel....some sparkling heavy embroidered cosmetic zipper bags...the indigo blue brocade japanese style belt and the red and golden polka dot pillow made from indian vintage brocade...:-)

...want stay this night? ....please feel comfortable between colourful cozy pillows from handloomed uzbek ikat and moroccan sabra in the golden bed......sweet dreams guaranteed :-)

...need comfortable slippers matching your pyjama colour? Maryam, let´s have some pyjama party and don´t forget the babouches!

...please don´t forget to take your jewellery off in the little bamboo basket with the little silk flower :-)

good night and sweet dreams!

P.S.:...daylight pictures are coming next morning!

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