babouche love :-)

Maryam´s babouche post a few days ago inspired me for some thoughts....

...what would we do without our comfortable babouches after a day with hard work?
...do you babouche??
....questions over questions to ask for....!

...never leave the house without wearing your favourite pair of it...!
....I wish, I could meet once that guy who created the fist pair of this fantastic shoes...just to say "thank you, great job done" :-)
...if you wear babouches, the world is getting slowly around you and relaxation starts immediately....:-)

What are your thoughts about the babouches?

Now, it´s mocca time :-) my beloved husband just served me strong and sweet, cardamom scented mocca with little date cakes....*yummy*...of course, I am wearing yellow babouches with sparkling embroidery :-)


  1. Beautiful!!!

    I love your blog, it's so interesting!

  2. HI

    where can i get a pair? thanks