style of the week :-)

this are my favourite styles for this week....:-)

ranipink´s style for working in my studio....some casual black linnen pants, black tank top with black longsleeve and....add some sparkle with indigo blue moroccan slippers (babouches) and my favourite indigo blue and black dyed sahara shawl....never leave the house without that shawl....

ranipink´s style for my work as a staff at H&M... :-) ...my favourite citrine yellow silk skirt goes perfect with my favourite black silk knit and some western sahara cotton shawl in black...of course usually I wear some silver sparkling ballerinas....but not today ;-)

I don´t know why...yellow is one of the most difficult colours of the fashion in general...I felt in love with that yellow shade I named "nuclear reactor yellow"....sounds dangerous...*hihi* a yellow shade with a hint of green...it goes perfect with black and white basics, and you are not looking dressed like we say in Germany like the bee "Biene Maja"....!

watch our for more of my favourite styles every week from now!

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  1. This is a fantastic looking skirt!!! I just love it. I need to order one from you, Petra. Is that possible?