ranipink studio window :-)

...this is my latest studio window :-)
I will post from now every time I decorate my window with a new style for all of you who are not just came around and visit me for a glass of fresh mint tea or cardamom scented coffee....;-)

please, take a seat, take a delicious drink and enjoy the colours :-)

Usually I change the window every second week to keep it fresh and interesting for my customers, visitors and all the nice neighbours who passing by through the day :-)

this picture shows a pink glassbead necklace with a beautiful tassel in bright pink, handmade earrings from sultanissima and a golden-cream pure silk shawl, the endpiece is in bright raspberry pink with delicate metallzari brocade.

this picture shows a pure silk neckholder top in shimmery cashmiri pink, it goes perfect with the soft golden silk skirt with ottoman inspired embroidery. I am working together with my friend Esra Sultanissima, we are created a nice edition from silk skirts, cosmetic zipper bags and bags in general with embroidery, inspired from the fantastic artwork past ottoman times.

this picture shows my latest idea for pillows "the macaron pillow" ...inspired from the delicious macaron sweets :-), some pairs of handmade moroccan slippers, a kimono flower silk pincushion and a embroidered cosmetic zipper bag from shimmery linnen with satin sequins.

If you are interested in any of my products, please feel free to contact me for further details at ranipink@hotmail.de or visit the ranipink onlineshop :-)

I will list some more nice products after next weekend. I always wish that I could list more but I am always busy with custom made orders, at this time...a bridal gown from cream silk and more than 2000 austrian crystal, sequin, pearl and bead embroidery...if I finish this wonderful dress within the next few weeks, of course, I´ll let it you know ;-)

Now, my lovely husband did some delicious dinner, oriental style filled green courgette served with spicy tomato sauce and arabic bread....*yummy*..let´s have some dinner :-)

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  1. This blog is stunning and you taste impeccable.