marrakech heavy metal ;-)

...sounds like some noisy oriental music-band *haha* no, you are wrong this time....no drums and electric guitars....

...we´ve stepped at our last day in Marrakech in July into this wonderful place with lots of "heavy metal", I growed up in a family who´s still in the metalwork and engineering business, so the metalwork is still in my heart, especially the oriental one...!

This place in the Medina of Marrakech looks like we call in Germany "Schrottplatz"...I love this combination of words, the "oriental Schrottplatz"... "where have you been today"?..."oh...I´ve spent the entire day at the oriental Schrottplatz..."!!!

I am still thinking about "how to get" one of this really huge silver trays at my next visit this year in autumn back home.....by plane, camel or by the moroccan post??? questions over questions...so far so good, I still have some weeks time to think about it, I´ll let it you know when it is in our living room :-)


  1. Oh I love this oriental Schrottplatz !!!
    Can we go there please ???

  2. Thanks for stopping by Petra! Both my parents were born in Morocco and raised there and our family has a lot of heirloom pieces like these, silver and copper. I want to sneak them into my suitcase evrytime I go home!

  3. This is heavy metal I can get into.