desert trip :-)

...there are some books to buy about the Sahara, but there are some more reasons to own this one than the others.....

There is the size, its about 38 x 29 cm, it makes lot of fun exploring all the little details on the pictures....

It´s fantastic to watch all the brilliant pictures whilest sipping sweet and fresh mint tea or spicy arabic mocca on a rainy day....may you wearing some comfortable caftan dress, too...this book will carry you away deep in the heart of the desert.....!

Ready for this adventure? Please make sure that you are sitting right on your wedding blanket, the departure with the flying carpet will be in a few minutes.....:-) ..and make sure you always carry your blue sahara shawl with you! :-)

Take a tea break in the oasis, take a bath with the camels in the wadi ;-)

I love the Tuareg artwork, especially the colour combinations :-)

The picture above is my most favourite, I love the Henna red dyed finger nails, the pretty silver jewellery and this picture always remember me of something from the Tuareg people "I was worried because I don´t have some silver finger rings, then I meet someone who had no fingers"

This few words always say to me: be satisfied with what you are doing, what you are get and have.

Lots of times I am thinking about that, the world is changing very fast actually, may we don´t now where we are going in the future. Share the rare time with your family and friends and from time to time give in any way something to others. From time to time some nice things will happen to you in a way you´ll never expected :-)

The desert may changes your mind, it still changes my mind since I started reading about the deserts of the world when I was a little girl....sometimes it´s just a colour I love to watch like the desert sky....

I love it to share some nice pictures, thoughts and ideas with all of you who reading my blog, that´s my way to give some of my time to others I may will never meet, it´s amazing to watch the little earth map where all of you are coming from :-)

Thanks very much to my mum for this book, this is a great gift! :-)

Want to get this book for your home? Buy it at amazon and start your desert vacation...take care, mind changing are possible....!

pictures from the book "Sahara" author phillippe bourseiller, Knesebeck

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  1. Oh I must buy that book. You have just transported with your words and images. I even own the magic carpet, compliments of the lovely Maryam. That book looks breathtaking.