Darga :-)

Darga.....I love the music! I´m always listening in my studio their new album "stop baraka" since 7 weeks!!!...georgeous fusion mixed from Reggae, Ska, Gnaoua and traditional music from Morocco.

We missed them at the Gnaoua Festival 2008 in Essaouira, after the Hamid el Kasri concert we went from the Bab Marrakech stage to the beach..because of the heavy pain of my broken hand we decided going back to Lallamira and take some sleep :-(
A few days later in Marrakech, their new album found the way to me at the café des épices...presented with beautiful postcards :-) :-) I am a lucky one!!!

...so, I really hope that you guys will play next year on the festival again :-)

...enjoy darga music at myspace! :-)

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