Byzance magazine

One of my favourite magazines for Inspiration is the french-lebanese based Byzance magazine. I love the great mixture between the Orient and the Occident, modern and traditional, lifestyle, haute couture, delicious recipes and fantastic pictures.

The last Issue arrived me a few weeks ago with this beautiful violet cover, the cover and colour theme changed with every Issue, my favourite ones are the blue Issue, the orange and pink and the violet one :-)

..take a sneak peak into...and enjoy the colours! :-)

I love the mix and match between cool turquoise and ultramarine shades with the vibrant lilac and red shades....and the metall lantern, too... :-)

want to get the magazine, too? Try for Germany internationale Presse to get your Issue of this fantastic magazine :-) Enjoy!


  1. Hallo Petra! Thank you for writing about this. I want a copy now for me too. :)


  2. Hallo Petra and hallo to other Readers in Hannover! The Byzance Magazine is also available at the Virgin Magazine Shop at the Train station in Hannover. I like it as well.