Maryam in Marrakech :-)

...two weeks ago, we had the pleasure to meet Maryam in Marrakech :-)

WOW!! What a nice and relaxing afternoon :-) She took us to one of her favourite places, the Café du Livre ....with delicious Tapas, Salad and probably the best Chocolate Cake you can get in Marrakech...

We are still very impressed....Maryam is a very charming woman, with lots and lots of brilliant ideas, a fantastic sense of humour and if your read her blog, everything she´s writing is coming straight from the heart :-)

She took us to some places where we took a look at fantastic embroidered linnen....Maryam, I am still thinking about that "coat-thing"....;-) ;-) bright colours, fantastic artwork, vintage textiles and beautiful jewellery.....so we had spent a fantastic and relaxing afternoon with her with lots of talking and started to knowing each other.

...watch Maryam´s sparkling silver embroidered sandals...*hihi*

This day also still inspires me for so much more....

Maryam, thanks very much again for sharing your time with us :-)

Petra ;-)

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  1. Darling Petra, eek this is so, so nice!!! I am very flattered and touched. I loved meeting you both and can't wait to do it again. I hope next time, my place will start to be presentable enough to have you over.

    PS I am wondering if I buy the fabric, if I can cajole you into making that black and white Moroccan coat? I can bring you back some wonderful thing from Mali in exchange if you will consider it:)