Lallamira...a favourite p(a)lace !

Lallamira, this lovely place in Essaouira is more than a Hotel...

Felicitas, the owner created a wonderful little palace and opened it in March 2004, located in the Medina of Essaouira, it is also the first bio-hotel in Morocco including the renovated, oldest Hammam in Essouira.

Our first adventure in Morocco started in 2005, on a rainy November day -a few days after the official german wedding- we headed direction Essaouira....took the "real moroccan life" coach in Marrakech. After 6 hours and around 50 stops on the way we arrived in the early evening there....and  where to find the Lallamira?!

A very friendly woman showed us the way through the dark medina -we where wondering where she was taking us...- and like in a fairy tale of 1001 night after a 10 minutes walk the door opened itself..... we arrived in this cute yellow and green palace....in a wonderful blue room with a very blue bathroom with one of the most beautiful bathroom doors I´ve never seen before... :-)
.... the charming staff served fresh delicious mint tea.....and we felt in love with this magic place!

We love  to spend hours on the yellow tiled roof terrace, watching and listening the seagull - this year we had the pleasure to watch a mum and her baby seagull... funny and noisy...- having fresh organic breakfast with delicious....very delicous coffee, watching the cats walking on the medina rooftops, reading a book or just watching the Atlantic sea waves and the camel place on the beach and thinking about how nice life is... :-)

From time to time we watched little sparrows, tried to pick bread, Essaouira sparrows are well-feeded! some of them also picked wool from the curtains in the room for nesting :-) in the night time take a look in the patio at one of the Aladdin-Lanterns....then you will find a few napping sparrows on it...very cute ;-)

after several visits in Essaouira, we can´t imagine a better place to stay.....lovely Felicitas and her very charming team will make our and -of course- your stay in Essaouira at any time to a very special holiday experience!


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