babouches or not babouches?

...the babouches....I felt in Love with these wonderful handmade leather slippers from Morocco...around 8 years ago, I bought my first pairs at H&M....you are reading right! :-)
H&M sold some turqoise and pink embroidered ones, black and white leather carved ones in 2000/2001....nobody knows where this wonderful "Aladdin" look a like shoes are came from...

..but me :-) Now, my first pairs are gone somewhere in the Babouches-Nirvana......;-)

Then I´ve got one pair from a friend, wonderful cream velvet ones with silver embroidery.....this pair is also gone.....


Now, I think I am the owner of about 20 oder more pairs of this wonderful leather slippers in different shapes, colours and embroidery...

this ones are not all mine...but seen in the Souks of Morocco :-)

If you ever travel to Morocco, don´t miss it, you will love it! ..or not ;-)

but...this year before Christmas I will present you a very special range of handmade leather Babouches in bright colours with special embroidery...the first pairs of the "ranipink essaouira love" range at the ranipink-onlineshop and in my studio! More details about my new project "ranipink essaouira love" are coming soon...:-)

good night :-)

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