akbar delights :-)

....around 3 weeks ago...the last day of our vacation...Marrakech...48°.....lets take a last walk through the Bazaar before heading back home :-)

We have walked may be fifty times the last few years the same way...and never had seen it, like in a story of 1001 nights this very special little shop "crossed" our way in Marrakech - akbar delights -

Inside ruby red walls and dark wood...I felt like I just stepped in the treasure chamber itself....crispy off white linnen and cotton tunics with delicate beadwork....fantastic sequined bags and brocade purses...indian style embroidered slippers in bright colours...berber inspired pillows....airy silk tunics with heavy glassbead embroidery....books about ottoman, oriental and indian artwork....colourful caftans...vintage boxes...

..every single piece is something very special, I am still impressed about this fantastic artwork.....

akbar delights, 45 Place Bab Fteuh, 40008 Marrakech (next to Jamaâ el Fna)

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  1. I love this shop, esp the beaded tunics (but so out of my price range!). They also have a bigger shop by appointment in Gueliz:)